In our ski workshop, our knowledgeable staff will help you with everything from grinding and waxing to mounting and repair. If you have problems with your boots, we are happy to help you with boot fitting so that the fit is perfect. You can safely hand in your equipment when you are ready for the day and pick it up the following morning.

Our ski technicians can handle most things, ask us!

Prices – Alpine skis & snowboards
Stone grinding standard 495:-
Stone grinding race 895:-
Ski base repair  695:-
Sharpening edges/standard wax 295:-
Sharpening of edges 195:-
Wax (handmade) 195:-
Mounting 450:-

Prices – Cross country skis
Stone grinding + Base wax LF 600:-
Cleaning + glide wax + grip tape 350:-
Glide wax + skin care 250:-
Glide wax 150:-
Grip tape 200:-
Kick wax 150:-
Cleaning 150:-
Skin care 150:-


Take care of your ski equipment

Extend the life of your equipment with these tips from us. We promise that your skiing will be both better and more fun!

  1. Before and after the ride
    Control the bindings before each ride. Take out and dry the inner shoes ifrom the ski boots after each day on the slopes.
  2. Steel edges
    Wipe the ski’s steel edges after each day on the slopes to avoid rusting. Sharpen the edges every two to four days, depending on how much ice you have been riding. The ice grinds down the edges.
  3. The base
    Be sure to keep the base of the ski clean from road salt and other things that wear on the skis. During the season you should wax your skis once a week, preferably with melting wax.
  4. Storage
    When the ski season is over, store your skis in a dry place. Turn down the release mechanism and grind and wax the skis before the summer break.
  5. Transport
    Use a ski bag when you travelso they will be protected from external circumstances.