Rent ski equipment

Do you want to rent ski equipment? Perfect! We are professionals. Here you book your equipment online, and then pick it up in our stores. Of course, it is also possible to rent equipment directly in stores. There you can also buy all skiing accessories, all equipment and stylish and functional clothing for both skiing and outdoor from the main brands.

Our selection

We have a wide range of equipment for both men, women and children in different classes, from professionals to beginners.


For those who ski all over the mountain and want high-quality equipment.


For those of you who are a good skier and prefer to ski the red and black slopes.


For those of you who have skied before and prefer to ski the green and blue slopes.


For those of you who are beginners and have not skied before.

For children age 0-6 years, helmets are always included if you rent a complete package.

Multi rent

For those who want to switch between different equipment during the rental period. However, keep in mind that you only have access to one equipment at a time.

We recommend insurance

The insurance is valid during the lift opening hours.
In the evening, the equipment must be stored locked.
The deductible is SEK 300-700 depending on equipment
Insurance is signed separately at the time of rental.

  Information regarding insurance

Discount with Volvo card

With a Volvo card you get a 25% discount on the rental of standard packages for children and youth. Adults receive a 10% discount.

Price list of ski equipment

3 hours1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6-8 days
Multi rental
Multi rental child 0-6 year445575640695790
Multi rental youth 7-17 year65584597510451190
Multi rental adult9951245144515651695
Alpine ski package (skis, boots, poles)
Child 0-6 year (helmet incl.)85100180260310355395
Youth 7-17 year190225395525595665745
Youth advanced 7-17 year275325530755845930995
Adult beginner235275440595685745795
Adult intermediate3503955957758909751045
Adult advanced375445675945108011801265
Adult premium49566510451310149515451720
Twintip 0-17 year180225345475575675745
Twintip adult2953855857758759651045
Skis - individual articles
Child 0-6 year7085155220265300335
Youth 7-17 year160190335445505565635
Youth advanced 7-17 year255295485675745815895
Adult beginner215250395530615665685
Adult intermediate250290475675760830890
Adult advanced3003555657959209951075
Adult premium355495745945109512451345
Randonnée skis39549567589599510951195
Twintip skis 0-17 year155195355425515595645
Twintip skis adult255295485675745815895
Alpine/snowboard boats 0-6 year455090130155180200
Alpine/snowboard boats 7-17 year95115200265300335375
Alpine/snowboard/telemark boats170200320395450485520
Poles/Helmet/Child ski harness253050708595100
Snowboard package (board, boats)
Child 0-6 year85100180260310355395
Youth 7-17 year190225395525595665745
Snowboard - individual articles
Child 0-6 year7095175220265305335
Youth 7-17 year160190335445505565635
Cross country skis - package
Child 0-6 year90120170210250290330
Youth 7-17 year160185320390465495570
Cross country skis - individual articles
Cross country skis, child 0-6 year8095140170195220250
Cross country skis, youth 7-17 year90120170250320390450
Cross country skis, adult130155265325385470590
Cross country ski boots, 0-17 year506090110130150170
Cross country ski boots, adult5580120155185210230
Package (skis, boots, poles)4655958451025118512651395
Fjellpulken - child pulk190220375500600650700

All prices in SEK, incl. VAT. We reserve the right to ev. price changes and typos

Rental info

If you want to pre-order your rental equipment, it must be orded 3 days before arrival.