Bike rental

During the summer season you can rent bicycles for both crosscountry and downhill as well as accessories such as protection and clothing in our store at Sälfjällstorget. Here you will find the best products, clothes and accessories from selected bike brands. Of course we guide you right in our wide range.
If you want to pre-book your bike, you can do it online. NOTE! Only delivery at Kaisers Skidbod Sälfjällstorget.

Pricelist Bike rental

1/2 day1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6-8 days
MTB bike (including helmet)
Cross Country HT 0-6 year200250400500600700800
Cross Country HT 7-17 year3003505507008509501100
Cross Country HT 29"3504507501000120013501600
Trail FS 7-17 year4005509001200140016001900
Trail FS 29"50065011001500180020002400
E-bike MTB 7-17 year4005509001200140016001900
E-bike MTB 29"60075012001600190022002600
Downhill bike
When pre-ordering a DH bike the protective equipment is included.
Downhill 24" (135-150 cm)6001100140017001900
Downhill 26" (145-160 cm)7001200160019002100
Downhill 27,5" (160 - cm)8001400180021002400
Road bike
Leisure 28"270300500650750800900
Road racing bike4505509001200140016002000
Fullface helmet100200300400500
Elbow- and knee guard100150200250300
Back protection100130160180200
Child carrier backpack5080110130150
All prices in SEK, incl. VAT. We reserve the right to price changes and clerical error.


Mountainbike Technic

  1. Cycle like in water
    Have a relaxed and resilient body when cycling in terrain with many roots. The stiffer you are, the easier it is to overturn, as you counteract the bike’s movements as it moves across the ground.
  2. Keep the speed downhill
    Keep a steady and reasonably speed in the downhill to make it easier to get over big roots. If the speed is too low, the front wheel tends to stop at the obstacle while you fly over the handlebars yourself.
  3. Brake gentle
    Use the brakes wisely. In a steep downhill, do not use the front brake. Instead, brake the rear wheel and do so gently. If you hold down the brake, you lock the rear wheel so that it only slides onto the ground. It gives bad grip.
  4. Cycle downhill
    When cycling, you should get up so that your legs and body can follow the ground. Move the weight as far back as possible. The steeper the slope, the more weight you have to put on the rear end.
  5. Cycling uphill
    Should you ride uphill, you should stay on the saddle for as long as you can. Lean forward to reduce the air resistance and shift slowly down before reaching the hill so you can pedal at the same pace as before. Feel free to have clip pedals for full contact with the pedal.
  6. Cycle high up in the terrain
    Cycle high up in the terrain, especially if it has been raining a lot, so you avoid clay and water.
  7. Biking Trails
    In and around Sälenfjällen there are lots of great mountain bike trails. Here you can find the very best:
    Biking Dalarna Rörbäcksnäs Skistar